Cyril Briquet

About me

Having finished 4 years of PhD, I'm now looking for a software engineer job in video games or computer graphics.

From Sep. 2015 to Aug. 2019 I was a PhD student under the supervision of Christophe Renaud at LISIC (Calais - France), my research subject was Flame-based lighting for virtual heritage. My PhD thesis is not defended and the draft is available on demand.

I previously worked at LIRIS (Lyon - France) twice. One time under the supervision of Eric Galin on procedural terrain generation on GPU and the other time with Gilles Gesquière on offline processing on the 3D data of the city of Lyon.

Before starting my Ph.D, I obtained a MSc in game programming and development at Gamagora (Lyon 2 University - France).

Short CV

Professional Projects

Flame-based lighting for virtual heritage

During my PhD I worked on the problematic of lighting a scene using only flames as light sources. I used Path Tracing and Bidirectional Path Tracing algorithm in PBRT. Here is an example of what the Notre-Dame bridge in paris could look like in the 18th century :

Pont Notre-Dame

I also worked on the optimisation of rendering image sequences where scenes are lit using only flames. The left video is rendered in 23h, the one on the right in 3.1h :

Terrain Modeling from Feature Primitives On GPU

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Wavelength is a game created in 3 months at the end of my master year. This project was presented in front of 400 people at the Gamagora Game Show 2014 in Lyon (France).

We were a team composed of 2 programmers, 7 Level designers and 6 3D graphic artists. The game engine used was UDK and we also built binary for use with the Oculus Rift DK1.

Wavelength is a survival horror FPS. The player is a soldier who has fight an enemy that can only be seen only with a specific device at a given visual frequency.

My part in the project was Core feature and AI programming.


Casse Diamants

Casse Diamants is a breakout style game with 2D gameplay and 3D graphics. It was developed for a programming test during the recruitment process for a job at CerebralFix.

Features :

  • Real Time breakout style game.
  • Language and API : C++ , Unreal Engine
  • Windows compatible

Source :

Hobby Projects

Rarium 3D

Rarium 3D is a basic 3D mesh renderer.

Features :

  • Ui display with widgets : buttons, images, static and dynamic texts
  • 3D Rendering using OpenGL 4+ Core (with GL_NV_gpu_shader5 and GL_ARB_bindless_texture)
  • Phong reflection model, Shadow Mapping, MSAA.
  • Language and API : C++ 17, OpenGL, SFML, GLM, glbinding
  • Windows and Linux compatible

Source :

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Drawing is a compilation of computer graphics or mathematical subjects that I find visually interesting.

Features :

  • Voronoï, Mandelbrot and Julia fractal, Koch snowflake, multiplication circle
  • Language and API : C++ 11, SFML, OpenMP
  • Windows and Linux compatible

Source :


Chococroco is a small 2D game prototype meant to try a new development approach, everything done during development was commented in a live-blog (the Gitlab wiki)

Features :

  • Tile-based 2D game, asteroid mining, base building.
  • Language and API : C++ 11, SFML, Gitlab CI
  • Windows and Linux compatible

Source :

Elemental Capture

Elemental Capture is a board game where you play against an IA and have to capture tiles to get the most elements

Features :

  • Turn by turn board game against a Monte-Carlo IA
  • Language and API : C++ , SFML
  • Windows and Linux compatible

Source :